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Pal Varga


From traffic analysis to system security: broad interest within the Infocommunications domain


Attila M. Nagy, Bernát Wiandt and Vilmos Simon


Transient-based automatic incident detection method for intelligent transport systems


automatic incident detection, time series analysis, congestion, smart cities

Mehran Amini, Miklos F. Hatwagner, Gergely Mikulai, and Laszlo T. Koczy


Developing a macroscopic model based on fuzzy cognitive map for road traffic flow simulation


Fuzzy cognitive map, road traffic flow, macroscopic model

Khalil Mebarkia, and Zoltán Zsóka


QoS Impacts of Slice Traffic Limitation


Network Slicing, QoS, SFC, VNF, 5G Networks

Yahieal Alnaiemy, and Lajos Nagy


A Novel UWB Monopole Antenna with Reconfigurable Band Notch Characteristics Based on PIN Diodes

  2021_3_4 UWB, Notch band, Reconfigurable antenna, PIN diode, Monopole antenna

Márton Czermann, Péter Trócsányi, Zsolt Kis, Benedek Kovács and László Bacsárdi


Demonstrating BB84 Quantum Key Distribution in the Physical Layer of an Optical Fiber Based System


BB84; quantum key distribution; symmetric key encryption; phase encoding; fiber optic system; adaptive filtering; synchronization

Gábor Árpád Németh and Máté István Lugosi


Test generation algorithm for the All-Transition-State criteria of Finite State Machines


model-based testing, conformance testing, finite state machine, test generation algorithms

Silia Maksuti, Mario Zsilak, Markus Tauber and Jerker Delsing


Security and Autonomic Management in System of Systems


System of Systems, Security, Self-Adaptation, Autonomic Management, Eclipse Arrowhead

Matthias Maurer, Andreas Festl, Bor Bricelj, Germar Schneider, and Michael Schmeja


AutoML for Log File Analysis (ALFA) in a Production Line System of Systems pointed towards Predictive Maintenance


Arrowhead Tools, AutoML, Log Analysis, Neuronal Architecure Search, Predictive Maintenance Framework

Pal Varga  

Recent Advances in Communication System Management, Security and Performance


Gábor Lencse


Checking the Accuracy of Siitperf


accuracy, network benchmarking tools,
calibration, frame loss rate, latency, network performance measurement, siitperf, throughput

Botond L. Márton, Dóra Istenes and László Bacsárdi


Enhancing the operational efficiency of quantum random number generators


random numbers, statistical testing, quantum communication, QRNG

András Mihály and László Bacsárdi


Effects of selected noises on the quantum memory satellite based quantum repeaters


QKD, Quantum memory, amplitude damping,
dephasing noise, depolarizing noise, quantum communications

Wei Zhang, Zhongqiang Luo, Xingzhong Xiong, and Kai Deng


An Enhanced Impulsive Noise Suppression Method Based on Wavelet Denoising and ICA for Power Line Communication


Impulse noise, Blind source separation, Power
line communication, Independent component analysis, Orthogonal frequeny, division multiplexing

George Matta, Sebastian Chlup, Abdelkader Magdy Shaaban, Christoph Schmittner, Andreas Pinzenöhler, Elke Szalai and Markus Tauber


Risk Management and Standard Compliance for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems


John Baghous


5G system throughput performance evaluation using Massive-MIMO technology with Cluster Delay Line channel model and non-line of sight scenarios

  2021_2_6 5G mobile networks), Massive MIMO technology, 5G channel modals, NLOS scenario, 5G Throughput

Pal Varga


Young researchers on radio communication advances, various machine learning applications, and traffic congestion in smart cities


Árpád László Makara and László Csurgai-Horváth


Improved Model for Indoor Propagation Loss in the 5G FR2 Frequency Band


5G, environmental coefficient, FR2 band, indoor propagation, path loss model

Ádám Marosits, Zsolt Tabi, Zsófia Kallus, Péter Vaderna, István Gódor, and Zoltán Zimborás


Exploring Embeddings for MIMO Channel Decoding on Quantum Annealers


Quantum Computing, Quantum Annealing,
NP-hard optimization, Graph embedding, Telecommunication, Massive-MIMO

Donát Takács, Boldizsár Markotics, and Levente Dudás


Processing and Visualizing the Low Earth Orbit Radio Frequency Spectrum Measurement Results From the SMOG Satellite Project


DVB-T Electromagnetic Pollution Map, Educational
Student Satellite, PocketQube, Radiofrequency Smog, Spectrum Monitoring

Gábor Szűcs and Marcell Németh


Double-View Matching Network for Few-Shot Learning to Classify Covid-19 in X-ray images


COVID-19, convolutional neural network, deep learning, feature extraction, few-shot learning, image classification, image representation, machine learning, multi-view

Daniel Vajda, Adrian Pekar, and Karoly Farkas


Towards Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection on Time-Series Data


anomaly detection, LSTM, neural network,
time-series data, Alter-Re2

Attila M. Nagy, and Vilmos Simon


Traffic congestion propagation identification method in smart cities


congestion propagation, frequent propagation
trees, traffic study, city planning

Hamid Garmani, Driss Ait Omar, Mohamed El Amrani, Mohamed Baslam, and Mostafa Jourhmane


Joint Beacon Power and Beacon Rate Control Based on Game Theoretic Approach in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


Beacon rate, Beacon power, Non-cooperative
game, Cooperative game, VANETs, Game theory, Nash equilibrium, Nash bargaining solution

Mohammad Moghadasi and Gabor Fazekas


Segmentation of MRI images to detect multiple sclerosis using non-parametric, non-uniform intensity normalization and support vector machine methods


Brain MRI Image; Multiple Sclerosis; Non-Uniform Image; Light Intensity; N3 Method; MR Image Segmentation; Support Vector Machines (SVM); Machine Learning Techniques; K-Means


Pal Varga


Booming usage of Infocommunications technologies brought to you by 2020


János Ladvánszky


Noise reduction for digital communications – A modified Costas loop


noise, symbol error rate, QAM, Costas loop, Hilbert filter, folding algorithm

Béla Benedek Szakács and Tamás Mészáros


Hybrid Distance-based, CNN and Bi-LSTM System for Dictionary Expansion


machine learning, convolutional neural network, bidirectional LSTM, Levenshtein-distance, dictionary

David Haja, Zoltan Richard Turanyi and Laszlo Toka


Location, Proximity, Affinity – The key factors in FaaS


Function as a service, FaaS, WebAssembly, platform, runtime, co-location, performance

Dániel Kozma and Pál Varga


Supporting Digital Supply Chains by IoT Frameworks: Collaboration, Control, Combination


Industry 4.0, Supply Chain Management, Digital Supply Chains, Productive 4.0, Arrowhead, IoT Systems, Development Methodology

Pal Varga  

Signal processing, MIMO and 5G business opportunities – hear the latest in Infocommunications


Andrei A. Kalshchikov, Vitaly V. Shtykov and Sergey M. Smolskiy


The Processing Algorithm for Wideband Signals Propagating in Media with Frequency Dispersion


phase velocity, frequency dispersion, phase correction, ground penetrating radar technology, ultrasonic flaw inspection

Chaofu Jing, Zhongqiang Luo, Yan Chen and Xingzhong Xiong


Blind anti-collision methods for RFID system: a comparative analysis



Dániel Szántó, Attila Zoltán Jenei, Miklós Gábriel Tulics and Klára Vicsi


Developing a Noise Awareness Rising Web Application within the “Protect your Ears” Project


children hearing loss, noise awareness,
web application, Wilcoxon paired test

János Ladvánszky


Detection of 2x2 MIMO signals


MIMO, synchronization, equalization, false detection cancellation

Gábor Soós, Dániel Ficzere, Tamás Seres, Sándor Veress and István Németh


Business opportunities and evaluation of non-public 5G cellular networks – a survey


5G, Industry 4.0, Private cellular network, Business development, Industrial use-cases

Botond Tamás Csathó, Bálint Péter Horváth and Péter Horváth


Modeling the near-field of extremely large aperture arrays in massive MIMO systems


massive MIMO, extremely large aperture arrays, near-field, channel modeling

László Jereb  

Special Issue on Quality Achievements at BME-VIK with Student Contributions in EFOP-3.6.2-16-013 – Guest Editorial


Csaba Simon, Markosz Maliosz, Miklós Máté, Dávid Balla and Kristóf Torma


Sidecar based resource estimation method for virtualized environments


Computer network management, Network
function virtualization

Ádám Marosits, Ágoston Schranz and Eszter Udvary


Amplified spontaneous emission based quantum random number generator


quantum random number generator, amplified spontaneous emission, sampling rate, real-time generation

David Kobor and Eszter Udvary  

Optimisation of Optical Network for Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution by Means of Simulation


quantum communication, quantum key distribution, CVQKD, optical network, simulation

Gergő Ládi, Levente Buttyán and Tamás Holczer  

GrAMeFFSI: Graph Analysis Based Message Format and Field Semantics Inference For Binary Protocols, Using Recorded Network Traffic


protocol reverse engineering, message format, field semantics, inference, binary protocols, network traffic, graph analysis, Modbus, MQTT

Dávid Papp, Zsolt Knoll and Gábor Szűcs  

Graph construction with condition-based weights for spectral clustering of hierarchical datasets


spectral clustering, hierarchical dataset, graph construction

Csongor Pilinszki-Nagy and Bálint Gyires-Tóth  

Performance Analysis of Sparse Matrix Representation in Hierarchical Temporal Memory for Sequence Modeling


neural network, Hierarchical Temporal Memory, time series analysis, artificial intelligence, explainable AI, performance optimization

István Fábián and Gábor György Gulyás


De-anonymizing Facial Recognition Embeddings


facial recognition, de-anonymization, machine learning

Levente Alekszejenkó and Tadeusz Dobrowiecki


Adapting IT Algorithms and Protocols to an Intelligent Urban Traffic Control


intelligent traffic control, connected vehicles, congestion notification, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Intelligent Traffic Light System (ITLS)

Dóra Varnyú and László Szirmay-Kalos


Comparison of Non-Linear Filtering Methods for Positron Emission Tomography


positron emission tomography, image denoising, post-reconstruction filtering, gaussian, bilateral, median, anisotropic diffusion, non-local means, guided filter, efop


Péter Baranyi


Special Issue on Cognitive Infocommunications Theory and Applications – Guest Editorial




Carl Vogel and Anna Esposito


Interaction Analysis and Cognitive Infocommunications


interaction, language, reasoning gesture, behaviour, coginfocom, philosophy of cognitive infocommunications

Nelson Mauro Maldonato, Benedetta Muzii, Mario Bottone, Raffaele Sperandeo, Donatella Di Corrado, Grazia Isabella Continisio, Teresa Rea, Anna Esposito


Unitas Multiplex. Biological architectures of consciousness


consciousness, artificial intelligence technologies, Ascending Reticular Activating System, brain imaging

Masakazu Kanazawa, Atsushi Ito, Kazuyuki Yamasawa, Takehiko Kasahara, Yuya Kiryu and Fubito Toyama


Method to Predict Confidential Words in Japanese Judicial Precedents Using Neural Networks With Part-of-Speech Tags


confidential word, neural network, Part of
Speech (POS) tag, perplexity (PPL), precision, recall

Tibor Ujbányi, Attila Kővári, Gergely Sziládi and József Katona


Examination of the eye-hand coordination related to computer mouse movement


statistical evaluation, paired t-test, eye-hand
coordination, eye-tracking, hand tracking

Emőke Kiss, Marianna Zichar, István Fazekas, Gergő Karancsi and Dániel Balla


Categorization and geovisualization of climate change strategies using an open-access WebGIS tool


adaptation, CogInfoCom, GIS, mitigation,

Mohammad Moghadasi and Gabor Fazekas


Multiple sclerosis Lesion Detection via Machine Learning Algorithm based on converting 3D to 2D MRI images


Support Vector Machines (SVM); Cellular
Learning Automata (CLA); MS lesions Detection; 3D Images; MRI Images; Simulated Brain Database (SBD); SVM Tools; Machine Learning Techniques

Roman N. Ipanov


Phase-Code Shift Keyed Probing Signals with Discrete Linear Frequency Modulation and Zero Autocorrelation Zone


Ambiguity function, autocorrelation function,
complementary sequences, pulse train, zero autocorrelation zone

Balazs Solymos and Laszlo Bacsardi


Real-time Processing System for a Quantum Random Number Generator


quantum computing, quantum random number generation, statistical testing


Vaclav (Vashek) Matyas, Pavol Zajac, Jan Hajny and Marek Sys


Special Issue on Cryptology – Guest Editorial


Michal Andrzejczak and Wladyslaw Dudzic


SAT Attacks on ARX Ciphers with Automated Equations Generation


SAT attacks, cryptanalysis, ARX ciphers, SIMON, SPECK, FPGA

Mithilesh Kumar, Havard Raddum, and Srimathi Varadharajan


Reducing Lattice Enumeration Search Trees


Lattices, SVP problem, enumeration, pruning

Pawel Augustynowicz and Krzysztof Kanciak


The search of square m-sequences with maximum period via GPU and CPU



Pavol Zajac, and Peter Spacek


A New Type of Signature Scheme Derived from a MRHS Representation of a Symmetric Cipher


Signature scheme, Substitution-Permutation
Network, MRHS equation system, post-quantum

Ádám Vécsi, Attila Bagossy, and Attila Pethő


Cross-platform Identity-based Cryptography using WebAssembly


Pairing-based Cryptography, Identity-based
Cryptography, WebAssembly

Zakir Hussain, Asim ur Rehman Khan, Haider Mehdi and Aamir Ali


Performance Analysis of Communication System with Fluctuating Beckmann Fading


Co-channel Interference, Device-to-Device,
Fluctuating Beckmann, Outage Probability, Success Probability

Sara El Gaily and Sándor Imre


Quantum Optimization of Resource Distribution Management for Multi-Task, Multi-Subtasks


quantum computing; resource distribution
management; quantum extreme value searching algorithm;
quantum existence testing; computational complexity


Pal Varga


Indexing current advances with DOI – at the Infocommunications Journal


Gábor Fodor, László Pap and Miklós Telek


Recent Advances in Acquiring Channel State Information in Cellular MIMO Systems


Multi-antenna systems, channel state information, estimation techniques, receiver algorithms

Cebrail ÇiFTLiKLi, Musaab AL-OBAIDI, Mohammed FADHIL and Wael AL-OBAIDI


Cooperative OSIC System to Exploit the Leakage Power of MU-MIMO Beamforming based on Maximum SLR for 5G

  2019_3_3 MU-MIMO, Beamforming, CSI, SLR, OSIC, ML

Roman N. Ipanov


Polyphase Radar Signals with ZACZ Based on p-Pairs D-Code Sequences and Their Compression Algorithm


Autocorrelation function, complementary
sequences, polyphase signal, pulse train, Vilenkin-Chrestenson functions, zero autocorrelation zone

Dmitrii I. Popov and Sergey M. Smolskiy


Synthesis and Analysis Non-recursive Rejection Filters Transient Mode


effectiveness analysis, clutter edge, variable
states, structure adjustment, transient mode, rejection filters

Aymen Hasan Alawadi, Maiass Zaher and Sándor Molnár


Methods for Predicting Behavior of Elephant Flows in Data Center Networks


effectiveness analysis, clutter edge, variable
states, structure adjustment, transient mode, rejection filters

Yuancheng Li, Guixian Wu and Xiaohan Wang


Deep Web Data Source Classification Based on Text Feature Extension and Extraction

  2019_3_7 Deep Web, Classification, Attention mechanism, Feature extension

Pal Varga


Impactful Surveys for the 70th Anniversary of HTE


Dorottya Papp, Kristóf Tamás and Levente Buttyán

  IoT Hacking – A Primer   2019_2_1

IoT security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, embedded firmware analysis, binary program analysis

Laszlo Gyongyosi, Laszlo Bacsardi and Sandor Imre

  A Survey on Quantum Key Distribution   2019_2_2

Quantum key distribution, quantum cryptography, security, networking

Eszter Udvary


Visible Light Communication Survey


Visible light communication, Optical-wireless
communication, Free-space optical communication, Optical communication equipment, Modulation techniques, Machine-tomachine communications, Light emitting diodes, Lighting, Diode lasers

Sándor Rácz, Géza Szabó and József Pető  

Performance Evaluation of Closed-loop Industrial Applications Over Imperfect Networks


Industrial Application, Robot Arm, URLLC, Network Delay, Trajectory Accuracy, Measurements, Performance Evaluation

Zoltán Jakó, Ádám Knapp and Nadim El Sayed  

Wireless Authentication Solution and TTCN-3 based Test Framework for ISO-15118 Wireless V2G Communication


Vehicle-to-Grid, ISO 15118, wireless charging,
Electric Vehicle, ITS, TTCN-3

Gazi Zahirul Islam and Mohammod Abul Kashem

  An OFDMA-based Hybrid MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11ax   2019_2_6

Throughput, MAC, OFDMA, IEEE 802.11ax,
CSMA/CA, Wi-Fi 6

Máté Nagy, János Tapolcai and Gábor Rétvári  

R3D3: A Doubly Opportunistic Data Structure for Compressing and Indexing Massive Data


succinct and compressed data structures, compressed self-indexes, big data, packet forwarding


Pál Varga


Infocommunications Journal: over 10 years – HTE: over Seven Decades


Ani Bicaku, Christoph Schmittner, Patrick Rottmann, Markus Tauber and Jerker Delsing


Security Safety and Organizational Standard Compliance in Cyber Physical Systems

  2019_1_1 Security, safety, organizational, standard, compliance, monitoring, Cyber Physical Systems

Dimitris Kanellopoulos


Inter-destination Multimedia Synchronization: A Contemporary Survey


Multimedia synchronization, IDMS,
multipoint synchronization, RTP/RTCP

Cebrail Çiflikli and Musaab Alobaidi  

Combining Alamouti Scheme with Block Diagonalization Beamforming precoding for 5G Technology over Rician Channel

  2019_1_3 Fading, CCI, STBC, Alamouti, MIMO,
Beamforming, BD, CSI
Gang Qiao, Zeeshan Babar, Lu Ma and Xue Li  

Cost Function based Soft Feedback Iterative Channel Estimation in OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communication


Channel Estimation, Equalization, Iterative Receiver, OFDM, Underwater Communication

Zhongqiang Luo, Wei Zhang, Lidong Zhu and Chengjie Li


Minimum BER Criterion Based Robust Blind Separation for MIMO Systems


Blind Source Separation; Cost Function; Bit
Error Rate; Maximum Likelihood; Natural Gradient

Sergey Smolskiy and Alexander Bortsov

  Opto-Electronic Oscillator with Mach-Zender Modulator   2019_1_6

opto-electronic oscillator, phase noise, optical
fiber, QW laser, microwave oscillator

Roland Szabo and Aurel Gontean  

Sun Tracker Robotic Arm Optical Distance Measurement Evaluation at Different Positions Using Six Sigma Tools


cameras, databases, distance measurement, data processing, stereo vision


Eszter Udvary


Selected papers of the CSNDSP 2018 conference


Tongyang Xu, Hedaia Ghannam and Izzat Darwazeh


Practical Evaluations of SEFDM: Timing Offset and Multipath Impairments


Multicarrier, software defined radio, channel compensation, spectral efficiency, OFDM, SEFDM, nonorthogonal, timing offset, testbed, experiment

Husam Al-Amaireh and Zsolt Kollár


Overview and Complexity Evaluation of FBMC Transmitter Architectures


FBMC, complexity, polyphase, frequency

Róbert Horváth, Jean-François Roux, Julien Poëtte and Béatrice Cabon


Optoelectronic mixer with a photoconductive switch for 1550 nm wavelengths


heterodyne mixing, millimetre-wave receiver,
mode-locked laser, optoelectronic mixer, photoconductive switch, radio over fibre

Yahiea Al Naiemy, Taha Elwi, Lajos Nagy and Thomas Zwick


A Systematic Analysis and Design of a High Gain Microstrip Antenna based on a Single EBG Layer


EBG; microstrip antenna; CST MWS

Balázs Matolcsy and Attila Zólomy


Overcoming the Realization Problems of Wideband Matching Circuits


physical matching limits, wideband impedance matching, realizable matching networks

József Varga, Attila Hilt, József Bíró, Csaba Rotter and Gábor Járó


Reducing operational costs of ultra-reliable low latency services in 5G


G, availability, low latency, redundancy, total
cost of ownership, cloud, datacenter


László Bacsárdi and Kálmán Kovács


Featured papers of the H-SPACE 2018 conference


Bernard Adjei-Frimpong and László Csurgai-Horváth


Using Radio Wave Satellite Propagation Measurements for Rain Intensity Estimation

  2018_3_1 satellite propagation, attenuation statistics, rain rate

Andrea Farkasvölgyi and István Frigyes


Optical transfer in space communication


FSO, satellite communication, atmosphere
effect, space diversity, non-direct satellite links

Máté Galambos and László Bacsárdi


Comparing Calculated and Measured Losses in a Satellite-Earth Quantum Channel

  2018_3_3 satellite; quantum communication; channel loss;

Dániel Péter Kun, Erika Baksáné Varga and Zsolt Tóth


Ontology based Indoor Navigation Service for the ILONA System


Miklós Gábriel Tulics and Klára Vicsi


Automatic classification possibilities of the voices of children with dysphonia


voice disorder, statistical analysis, acoustic
parameters, dysphonia, classification

Hum Nath Parajuli and Eszter Udvary  

Wired-Wireless Converged Passive Optical Network with 4-PAM and Multi-sub-bands FBMC

  2018_2_1 passive optical network, filter bank multicarrier, wired-wireless convergence, fifth generation

Gábor Szabó and Eszter Udvary

  Advanced Approximation of Channel Quality in a VLC CDM System   2018_2_2

visible light communication, code division
multiplexing, signal quality, characterization, OOC, Gold codes

Gábor Lencse and Youki Kadobayashi  

Methodology for DNS Cache Poisoning Vulnerability Analysis of DNS64 Implementations


DNS cache poisoning, DNS64, IPv6 transition technologies, NAT64, security, testbed, virtualization

Tomáš Huszaník, Ján Turán and Ľuboš Ovseník  

Demonstration of Multimode Optical Fiber Communication System using 1300 nm Directly Modulated VCSEL for Gigabit Ethernet


Bit error rate, Ethernet, multimode optical fiber,
optical modulation, singlemode optical fiber, VCSEL


Ferenc Nandor Janky and Pal Varga


Time Synchronization Solution for FPGA-based Distributed Network Monitoring

  2018_1_1 network monitoring, time synchronization, hardware acceleration, closed control loop

Devender Kumar, Satish Chand and Bijendra Kumar

  Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Two-Factor User Authentication Scheme   2018_1_2

Two-factor authentication, password exposure attack, user anonymity, smart card, offline password guessing attack, insider attack

Marton Szabo, David Haja and Mark Szalay  

Cost-Efficient Resource Allocation Method for Heterogeneous Cloud Environments


orchestration; network algorithm; heterogeneous cloud, fog computing, cloud computing

Tamas Bisztray and Laszlo Bacsardi

  The Evolution of Free-Space Quantum Key Distribution   2018_1_4

free−space quantum communication, quantum
key distribution