Pal Varga

Recent Advances in Communication System Management, Security and Performance

SINCE its first issue just over a decade ago Infocommunications Journal authors, readers, and especially the Editorial Board have wished to witness the journal ranking improve. Due to the sometimes exhaustive review process, the quality of the papers is high – but still, the wide acceptance of our journal got delayed. This has recently changed, and the Infocommunications Journal got ranked into the Q3 quartile in both of its domains, namely in Computer Science and in Electrical and Electronic Engineering – and it is getting closer to receiving an impact factor > 1. Climbing up one quartile and receiving an impact factor is a great recognition; our authors’ work keeps getting more visible and cited widely. Let us all keep up the excellent work and – on behalf of the Editorial Board – let me thank you, dear authors and reviewers, that our journal has passed this milestone.


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Pal Varga, "Recent Advances in Communication System Management, Security and Performance", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XIII, No 2, June 2021, p. 1.

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