Shaimaa Alwaisi and Géza Németh

Advancements in Expressive Speech Synthesis: a Review

In recent years, we have witnessed a fast and wide spread acceptance of speech synthesis technology in, leading to the transition toward a society characterized by a strong desire to incorporate these applications in their daily lives. We provide a comprehensive survey on the recent advancements in the field of expressive Text-To- Speech systems. Among different methods to represent expressivity, this paper focuses the development of ex pressive TTS systems, emphasizing the methodologies employed to enhance the quality and expressiveness of synthetic speech, such as style transfer and improving speaker variability. After that, we point out some of the subjective and objective metrics that are used to evaluate the quality of synthesized speech. Fi nally, we point out the realm of child speech synthesis, a domain that has been neglected for some time. This underscores that the f ield of research in children's speech synthesis is still wide open for exploration and development. Overall, this paper presents a comprehensive overview of historical and contemporary trends and future directions in speech synthesis research.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2024.1.5


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Shaimaa Alwaisi and Géza Németh, "Advancements in Expressive Speech Synthesis: a Review", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XVI, No 1, March 2024, pp. 35-46.,