Anna Strzoda, Rafal Marjasz, and Krzysztof Grochla

LoRa Positioning in Verification of Location Data’s Credibility

The LoRa is a novel radio communication technology providing low power and a high range of data transmission. The LoRa transmission may be used for a low-cost localization to estimate the network nodes’ location. Some recent research showed that the location could be found with reasonable accuracy, with median error as low as tens of meters. Still, such results are achieved in a controlled environment with low interferences. We first evaluate the LoRa localization using an extensive data set of a telemetric network of a few thousand devices. We show that although the direct positioning based on trilateration provides limited accuracy, the measurement of LoRa transmission may be successfully used to evaluate the credibility of location information. The information about which gateways received the data and the RSSI measurements allow us to verify if the potential coordinates of a location are accurate. We propose a metric for location verification and estimate its credibility on a sample of measurements from the LoRa telemetry network.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2022.4.8


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Anna Strzoda, Rafal Marjasz, and Krzysztof Grochla, "LoRa Positioning in Verification of Location Data’s Credibility", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XIV, No 4, December 2022, pp. 56-61.,

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