Pál Varga

Infocommunications Journal: over 10 years – HTE: over Seven Decades 

INFOCOMMUNICATIONS – the domain that integrates information technology, telecommunications, audiovisual systems from user access to information storage and processing – has changed our quality of life in the last decades. The everincreasing speed of data-exchange, the ultra-high resolution of affordable visual systems, or the ”extraordinary” storage capacity that we instantly access every day became ”ordinary” – we actually got used to the speed how things change around us. It is not simply that we realize such changes, but we build it into our everyday experience, and improve our ”digitalized skills”: we buy our train tickets, get around abroad, or communicate with our relatives much differently than one decade ago.


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Pal Varga, "Infocommunications Journal: over 10 years – HTE: over Seven Decades", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XI, No 1, March 2019, p. 1.

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