Péter Baranyi, Borbála Berki, and Ádám B. Csapó

Concepts of Cognitive Infocommunications  

Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom) is an interdisciplinary field that explores the interplay between the cognitive sciences and infocommunication technologies (ICT). This paper presents recent transformative changes in Cognitive Infocommunications, emerging both on the technological and the human side. Concepts such as Digital Reality and Cogni tive Entities are also presented, which have emerged as a result recent technological convergence and further entanglement of ICT with human cognition. In addition, the current focal points of CogInfoCom research are presented to emphasize the entan gled nature of human-technology interactions and human-tech nology co-evolution.


DOI:  10.36244/ICJ.2024.5.5


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Péter Baranyi, Borbála Berki, and Ádám B. Csapó, "Concepts of Cognitive Infocommunications", Infocommunications Journal, Joint Special Issue on Cognitive Infocommunications and Cognitive Aspects of Virtual Reality, 2024, pp. 37-48, https://doi.org/10.36244/ICJ.2024.5.5