Máté Zöldy and Péter Baranyi

The Cognitive Mobility Concept

Mobility is the engine of our society in the third millennium. Rapid technical development makes it possible to increase cognitive ability in various fields; mobility is one of the most affected. Mobility has become a multidimensional concept in our interpretation; in addition to transportation, it also appears in the digital space, among other dimensions. The 21st century has brought unprecedented challenges, such as the covid-19 virus and the Russian war in Ukraine. These highlight bottlenecks in mobility systems and prompted us to explore the concept of cognitive mobility. This paper intends to refine the CogMob approach, which co-manages human and machine capabilities in mobility. New achievements within CogMob's domain match the new challenges of war and viruses. This article aims to outline the field of cognitive mobility. It presents CogMob's definition and examples that clarify the combinations of cognitive levels of different mobilities.


DOI:  10.36244/ICJ.2023.SI-IODCR.6 


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Máté Zöldy and Péter Baranyi, "Definition, Background and Research Perspectives Behind ‘The Cognitive Mobility Concept", Infocommunications Journal, Special Issue: Internet of Digital & Cognitive realities, 2023, pp. 35-40., https://doi.org/10.36244/ICJ.2023.SI-IODCR.6

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