László Jereb

Special Issue on Quality Achievements at BME-VIK with Student Contributions in EFOP-3.6.2-16-013 – Guest Editorial

The project EFOP-3.6.2-16-013, "Thematic Research Collaborations for Innovative Informatics and Infocommunication Solutions" (abbreviated as 3IN) started in September 2017. The abbreviation refers to the three participating institutions, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), and Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE), and to the three innovation areas in focus: Software Development and Information Security (A / Pillar), Infocommunication Networks and Cyberphysical Systems (B / Pillar) and Intelligent Data Analysis (C / Pillar).



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National Cultural Fund, Hungary

National Cooperation Fund, Hungary