Marwah Haleem Jwair , and Taha A. Elwi

Metasurface Antenna Circuitry for 5G Communication Networks

In this article, the proposed antenna structure is designed for modern wireless communication systems. The antenna structure is consistent of twelve-unit metasurface (MTS) unit cells. Therefore, the antenna size is miniaturized effectively to 30×35mm2 which is equivalently about 0.2λo, where λo is the free space wavelength at 3.5GHz. This is achieved by conducting the use of Hilbert shape MTS structure with T-resonator induction structure. The antenna structure is printed on a single side substrate to cover the frequency bands from 3.15GHz-3.63GHz and 4.8GHz-5.1GHz. Such antenna is found to provide a maximum gain of 3.5dBi and 4.8dBi at 3.5GHz and 5Ghz, respectively. Next, proposed antenna is found to be circularly polarized at 3.5GHz and 5GHz. The proposed antenna performance is simulated numerically using CST MWS software package with all design methodology that is chosen to arrive to the optimal performance. Then, the optimal antenna design is tested numerically using HFSS software package for validation. Finally, an excellent agreement is achieved between the two conducted software results.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2023.2.1


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Marwah Haleem Jwair , and Taha A. Elwi, "Metasurface Antenna Circuitry for 5G Communication Networks", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XV, No 2, June 2023, pp. 2-7.,