Attila Kovari 

Model of the Internet of Digital Education and its links to VR

Modern technologies are now essential to make the educational process more mobile, informative and versatile. The digitization of the educational institution, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Internet, provides an opportunity to exchange the accumulated experience and knowledge, and provides access to information for everyone. The mandatory introduction of online education due to COVID-19 has accelerated the development of digital education. The main direction in the development of education is moving towards modern online courses, which are already being used successfully. A comprehensive concept is needed to ensure that all IT used for learning, education and training is seamless, free of barriers and closed ecosystems. In connection with the above f indings this article first introduces the model and of Internet of Digital Education (IoDE), describes the principles of IoDE, and then summarize the cognitive aspects and VR relations. The purpose of this article is to help readers recognize the IoDE as a whole and predict future trends in IoDE development.


DOI:  10.36244/ICJ.2024.5.9


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Attila Kovari , "Model of the Internet of Digital Education and its links to VR", Infocommunications Journal, Joint Special Issue on Cognitive Infocommunications and Cognitive Aspects of Virtual Reality, 2024, pp. 76-83,