György Wersényi

Evaluation of the HoloLens for Medical Applications Using 5G-connected Mobile Devices

The updated range of models of smart glasses has expanded the availability of augmented reality (AR) technology in a way that opens them up to several applications. The first prototypes have been replaced by new models and vendors offer off-the-shelf solutions. E-health and medical applications have been in focus from the start. Furthermore, the roll-out of 5G technology would enable almost real-time, high-speed and low-latency communication, which would expand the potential uses and ideas. This paper gives a short overview of the current state, focusing on medical applications using smart glasses. The HoloLens glasses were evaluated regarding latency and data rates by using WiFi and the 5G campus network of the university. Results show that the HoloLens may be used in education, training and teleassistance; however, assisting latency-sensitive tasks that require a reliable network connection, ergonomic design, and privacy issues still remain a problem.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2022.4.2


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György Wersényi, "Evaluation of the HoloLens for Medical Applications Using 5G-connected Mobile Devices", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XIV, No 4, December 2022, pp. 11-17.,

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