Ameen Al-Azzawi, and Gábor Lencse

Identification of the Possible Security Issues of the 464XLAT IPv6 Transition Technology

This paper focuses on one of the most prominent IPv6 transition technologies named 464XLAT. The aim is to analyze the security threats that this technology might face. After carrying out the threat analysis using STRIDE method that stands for Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure and Elevation of Privilege, and using DFD (Data-Flow Diagram) as a core for the analysis, we summarized the security vulnerabilities and attack points possibilities within this infrastructure. We have also built a testbed for 464XLAT topology using several virtual machines, which were created using Debian image. We used our testbed to perform DoS (Denial of Service) attack against the PLAT (provider-side translator) and monitor PLAT’s performance and the number of packets being translated under attack by different number of clients using the hping3 command.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2021.4.2


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Ameen Al-Azzawi, and Gábor Lencse, "Identification of the Possible Security Issues of the 464XLAT IPv6 Transition Technology", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XIII, No 4, December 2021, p. 10-18.,


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