Árpád László Makara and László Csurgai-Horváth

Improved Model for Indoor Propagation Loss in the 5G FR2 Frequency Band

One of the latest developments today is the 5G, or 5th generation mobile network. In addition to a number of innovations, the new system also includes millimeter-wavelength frequency ranges denoted with FR2, that formerly not applied for these specific purposes. Proper management of the transmitter and receiver antenna beams is required for efficient communication in this frequency range. For future use, the simplest implementation way is electronically shaping the antenna beams by an algorithm to orient the antennas in the best possible direction. The prerequisites for these algorithms are appropriate propagation models, which are currently lacking, and those that publicly available are not accurate enough for practical use.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2021.1.1


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Árpád László Makara and László Csurgai-Horváth, "Improved Model for Indoor Propagation Loss in the 5G FR2 Frequency Band", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XIII, No 1, March 2021, pp. 2-10.


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