Emőke Kiss, Marianna Zichar, István Fazekas, Gergő Karancsi and Dániel Balla

Categorization and geovisualization of climate change strategies using an open-access WebGIS tool

The focus of our paper is to present the power of collaboration of databases in a web environment, where data contain or are related to different types of social geography spatial data. Implementing different data gained from the Climate Change Laws of the World, the United Nations Treaty Collection, the World Bank and The World Factbook, we ourselves developed the Climate Change Strategies of the world’s countries (called CCS). Our purpose is to publish and demonstrate the spatial visualization and categorization of the climate change strategies (CCS) of the world’s countries, and also highlight the power of geovisualization in terms of cognitive InfoCommunications, using open-access WebGIS tools and geoinformatics software. The evolved geographic database is able to provide information for users about the different types of climate change strategies of the world’s countries in a visual way, but can also be extended by uploading new data.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2020.1.5 



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