Zakir Hussain, Asim ur Rehman Khan, Haider Mehdi and Aamir Ali

Performance Analysis of Communication System with Fluctuating Beckmann Fading

In this paper, performance of device-to-device (D2D) communication system over Fluctuating Beckmann (FB) fading channels is analyzed. FB fading model is a novel generalized fading model that unifies various fading models such as Rayleigh, Nakagami, one-sided Gaussian, Rician, Rician shadowed, κ-μ, κ-μ shadowed, η-μ and Beckmann. The considered D2D system is assumed to be affected by various FB faded co-channel interferers. Using the characteristic function (CF) approach outage probability and success probability expressions are given. These expressions are functions of D2D and interference path-loss exponents, distance between the D2D devices, distances between interferers and the D2D receiver and, interference and D2D fading channel conditions. Maximum ratio combining (MRC) and selection combining (SC) based diversity schemes are considered to mitigate channel fading effects. D2D communication system under various conditions of channel fading and interference is numerically analyzed and discussed.


DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2019.4.6



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