Sergey Smolskiy and Alexander Bortsov

Opto-Electronic Oscillator with Mach-Zender Modulator 

The non-standard opto-electronic oscillator (OEO) operation is discussed in the generation mode of a single-side optical harmonic on the base of external and internal modulation of the laser signal. The OEO mathematical model is formed basing on laser differential equations for the closed radiofrequency network. With the help of the model offered, the phase noise of OEO radiofrequency oscillations is analyzed. It is shown that phase noise reduction in the circuit with external modulation depends not only on the increased laser power and growth of the geometric length of the optical fiber, but on reduction of the laser phase noise.

DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2019.1.6


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​Alexander A. Bortsov and Sergey M. Smolskiy, "Opto-Electronic Oscillator with Mach-Zender Modulator", Infocommunications Journal, Vol. XI, No 1, March 2019, pp. 45-53. DOI: 10.36244/ICJ.2019.1.6

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